Terms and Conditions


These General Conditions rule any and all services (translation/revision) ordered to the Translation Cabinet of Grupo Lusófona by the Costumer.

Budget, Princing and Payment Terms

The budget of the service to be provided will be elaborated based upon the word count of the original text and sent to the costumer by fax or e-mail. The indicated costs VAT at the legal rate. The Costumer must confirm acceptance of the budget by fax or email. The service requested by the Costumer is due to pay 50% of the amount in advance, and the remaining value until 30 days after the mailing of the translation/revision.


The Translation Cabinet of Grupo Lusófona hereby commits to provide the requested service within the stipulated deadline in the budget, but accepts no responsability for delays resulting from one of the following reasons: force majeure or any other event beyond its control, computer error or viruses in files sent by Costumer, changes made by the Costumer after the acceptance of the budget.

Cancelations and Modifications

In case of cancelation of the contracted service the Costumer agrees to pay 100% of the work done to date of cancelation.

If, at any time after the acceptance of the budget, there are any changes made to the text by the Costumer, he hereby accepts the charges of these modifications to an agreed rate and also accepts resheduling the established deadline, regardless of the text heving been translated/reviewed, and whether or not these changes increase the word count to translate/review. The Translation Cabinet accepts no obligation to any reduction to the budget in result of any modification even when this reduces the number of word in the text.

Forms of Delivery

The Costumer hereby commits to deliver the text to be translated through electronic means or paper. Whenever possible, the Costumer must acompany the technical texts with referenced documents to facilitate the understanding of it.

The Translation Cabinete of Grupo Lusófona hereby commits to deliver the translation/revision within the stipulated deadline and in it’s original format.


Any complaint regarding the quality of the hired service will only be considered when done by email, fax or letter sent within 5 days after the delivery of the mentioned text. After such period, any complaint will be rejected. The Translation Cabinet of Grupo Lusófona commits to take in consideration any complaint as long as the text on which it rests has not been altered by the Costumer or Others, and explicitly presents the lack of quality of the service. In no caso will the erros of a translation jeopardize the totality of the work done.


The Translation Cabinet of Grupo Lusófona hereby commits to respect the confidentiality of the documents and not to disclose the contents to others, neither during, nor after providing the translation/revision service.


In case of dispute in the interpretation or execution of the present General Conditions, the Translation Cabinet of Grupo Lusófona and the Costumer agree that the forum chosen is that of the Lisbon District, with expressed waiver of any other